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I disagree. There is a larger population of people who use the technology to do meaningful things like creating a web for donating funds, for people to share informations on certain subjects they are insterested about. Example like the Yahoo Answers, people comment about the things they think, letting the person who's asking the question have more thinking point. Therefore, I think that technology is a boon to society.

Written by Yelyn Chua

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Yes I agree. There are useful informations on the social network. Useful informations such as articles and links can help us save time while doing work as we do not have to search things slowly. For example, if we are busy with work and do not have time to visit the library, we can just take out 5 minutes of our time and visit the social network and we can find the thing we want very soon and easily. Therefore, technology is more of a boon because it helps us seach informations easily and it saves time.

Written by Yelyn Chua

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