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Technology is more of a boon than a bane to society. Do you agree? (lim yi xian)


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I agree that technology is more of a boon than a bane. Technology has many advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on how you use it. Technology has made life easy and comfortable.

The main reason technology is invented is to make a task easier to perform. Everything has its boon and bane. Some people misuse technology, they cyber-bully, break down codes and software and hack into accounts. All these acts cause people to not trust technology at times and feel that it is a bane. Even though, technology has also helped us a lot in our daily life. Technology improves our lives; make it more convenient and quick. Researching for project or even homework is made much easier when you just go to Google. A lot of us now, depend on Google all the time. Even in school, we are using technology- the ace-learning programme, the PowerPoint slides teacher uses, and even this debate. Our modern life can't live without technology, almost everything we do is related to technology.

An example will be the use of social networking sites like facebook, twitter and blogging. These social networking sites allow us to express our emotions, understand more about our friends, or even comforting our friends when they are sad. Making friend through social networking is easier for some as they need not come face to face with a ‘stranger’.

Another example is the tedious work of writing a letter. In the past, when people want to communicate with others, they would have to write a letter, and send it to the person. However, now, technology has helped us in a way such that we only need to send a text message or email the person to inform him/her something.

Therefore, I feel that technology is more of a boon than a bane as it has helped improve our lives, making it more convenient and quick. However, some people tend to misuse it.

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