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technology is more of a boon than a bane to society.Do you agree?(jiaqi)


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main point: Technology such as the internet has benefit us with it's great source of information that are easily available.

elaboration: The internet is a great source of information and we can access the information easily online rather than searching through the books and archives which is time consuming. Besides, the internet has a lot of sources that we can access in one click and by typing on the keyboard, so we don't have to waste time searching information in books and maybe not successful in finding what we want, which we won't have a problem with on the internet.

evidence: We are using our computer everyday and also in school which allows us to find information quickly and so we can finish faster and save time hence giving us more time to learn, via the internet which also provide us with educational benefits which will help us in our studies.

link: Therefore we can conclude that technology has brought more good than harm to society as it helped us in our studies which will help to improve our future and contribute to society.

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