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RSS DarkSoul

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I disagree with you. If there is no technology, we wouldn't be addicted to games online. Although it is our fault, technology also share a partial responsibility for that. There are also other abuses of technology. For example: The misuse of stationeries as weapons to hurt other people, wasting water through a running tap or shower, destroying properties in the public such as graffiti on MRT trains and on walls. There are also natural disasters by using technology such as car accidents, MRT breakdown etc. If you say it is people's fault, do you think they have a choice with car accidents and MRT breakdowns? In the previous argument, I was only stating computers and handphones as an example, but you covered the whole technology. As you mentioned," All the things you argued states that all these are due to addiction but, it is our fault rather than technologies' fault as technology does not make us addicted,violent or be inactive in sports."

1 point

I disagree. The abuse of technology leads to major health problems such as mayopia. this is caused by excessive use of computers and handphones etc. It also decreases the time with friends and family and result in breaking of stong ties and relationships. The person would also be inactive in outdoor sports and entertainments. The person would not concentrate in his/her studies and his/her studies would be affected. This can also cause depression and reduce the the number of hours of sleep. The person might also be violent due to addiction on violent games. These are caused by addiction.

2 points

I agree as technology helps to bring the world together and it is much more convenient to communicate with people anywhere and anytime for free through the invention of Internet. It also enable us to look around clearly through the usage of torches and light bulbs. Travelling is much more time-saving with transportations such as cars, buses, trains and even airplanes!(Tao Zhenyuan from 2E5)

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Name: Tao Zhenyuan
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: Singapore

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