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RSS Rizqan

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Technology can be a powerful tool for teachers to use, if they know how to use it. Kay Stables (1999), commented that when computer technology first came out, many teachers were confused. They weren't sure if technology meant computers, applied science, or craft work. She says that very few teachers are trained in technology education and recommends four key areas to address to help teachers move forward.

1) Developing an understanding of what technology education is.

2) Helping teachers see how the work they currently do and the experience they have can be adapted to allow technology activities to grow and be added on.

3) Providing teachers with hands-on experience with technology activities and giving teachers a broad range of manageable teaching activities to start from.

4) Providing opportunities for teachers to share their practices and good ideas with each other to build a repertoire of successful activities.

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As we move into the 21st century, technology has become more and more important to our society.


"The question is not if technology will impact the nation's public schools, but rather if that impact will accelerate the educational progress of children and youth, positively or negatively" (Salpeter, 1999).

"Technology can be a great tool for motivating and engaging students. Brain research shows that if students are engaged, they learn more. If we're able to connect them to real life situations, they're much more interested...what a powerful motivation technology is and what a broad range of skills- scientific analysis, communication skills, problem-solving- are involved." (Salpeter, 1999).

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