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RSS Safwan98

Reward Points:15
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1 point

Wrong Rhaaj

Sometimes technology bring about laziness. For example, How many people would like to give out their hands to help out your parents? Probably you would say " Aiiiyaaa, dont need help la. Play computer games la. Technology Awesome!". "By the way, mum, I asked a robot to help clean up the room".

If we continue on like this, we would be like in the WALL-E movie. All the humans grow fat and lazy. Technology rule us all.

(safwan, 2N1) Excelsior!

0 points

Wrong S9638693A.

Humans can still live without technology. For example, you say that you will be unable to contact with one another in other countries without technology. But humans have develop many things in the past to contact each other without technology. For example in the past, humans used ships to past on their message to their relatives. In the 18th to 19th century, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Which revolutionize the communication media. Therefore, people can still communicate with low tech technology. Though you say 'without technology'. I think that is impossible. Even the invention of primitive wheels in Mesopotamia in the 4th millenium century is considered a technology. If you know what I mean.

(safwan, 2N1)

3 points

True that social networking does spoil the society and you spell disagree wrongly :P

Anyway, do you ever think of the advantage?

For example, social networking allow:

-school to communicate to their student privately or openly

-students can communicate to each other through social networking

(safwan, 2n1)

7 points

True, there may be an increase in cyberbullying. However, cyberbullying can be avoided such as changing the private or profile settings in social networking(where all the cyberbullying usually happen). Cyberbullying can also be taken down by informing the school or the police in extreme situation.

(submitted by Safwan 2N1)

11 points

Yes I agree. Technology allow people lives much more easier. For example, people in the past experience difficulty working and doing extra work that otherwise nowadays consider as being taken care of by technology. Technology allow people to communicate to other parts of the world in mere seconds using social network or skype. Perhaps we should say it is more of a boon than a bane? You see technology also improve people daily life. Technology also improve on the economy sector and decreasing pollution. Though it may seem that technology is producing more pollution to the environment, in fact it is the opposite. People improve and innovate the current technology into a greener and cleaner technology. For example, innovators compete each other to innovate a car that produce pollution and after that turning that into a greener and more of a cleaner car. Various implementation of technology involves improving the efficiency of human productivity. Examples include machinery that help human produce cars and so on and so forth.

Do you ever think about going into a starship and warp driving to another part of the universe? That is part of technology. Technology revolutionarize the human mind and the entire earth. Technology is improving every day's life and everyday, a product is invented. Excelsior!

(Submitte by safwan 2N1)

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