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RSS Limliwen

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Yes, i do agree that technology is more of a boon to society.

Technology has significantly shown improvements to our daily lives as they made our lives easier and more convenient. First of all, there are technologies like mobile gadgets. These gadgets made it easier for us to communicate with people around the world. We can easily contact people with just a few quick presses on the phone, we do not have to look for the person personally which is quite a hassle. Secondly, we have advanced technologies which improves the healthcare of people. These advancements lengthened the lives of people because it is easier to find ways to cure illnesses. Thirdly, the production of work has also increased. With the help of machines, people can easily create materials in just minutes with multiple productions at a time. For example, like the invention of washing machines, we can wash loads of laundry in probably an hour's time. Before the invention of washing machines, people had to hand wash their laundries and it takes up more than an hour's time to wash their laundries.

These technologies has helped made our lives more convenient and hence, we can have more time to do more things.

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