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RSS Modorichie

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Im sorry to be anal, but technology has been around since the wheel.

and in the sixties I belive they had motor cars, phones, wireless, TV. penicillin xrays etc, you get where I;m going though.

In the fifties Child Birth was still a serious concern.

Recently my step daughter was told she had a degenerative eye disease and would be blind before she was 30.

however the doctors replaced her lens with an artificial one and replaaced her iris (I think).

A vaccine for small pox etc I could keep going on.

It is a direct result of technology which has allowed the species to be so succesfull.

sorry to ramble, peace all (and forgive my spelling)

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About Me

"Political party would be straight down the middle, To put that in perspective for people stateside your democratic party would be considered right wing in the uk. Dont like ideologies, they chain solutions and colaborations. Don't understand predjudice, it might have been useful for cave dwellers but that time is gone. Never met two religious people with identical views, yet each one swears they follow the true will of god. Evidence trumps faith evry time, ask any judge."

Biographical Information
Name: Richie 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Other
Country: United Kingdom
Religion: Atheist
Education: College Grad

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