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RSS HandsomeMing

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I disagree with your statement. Technology created is to improve ways of life, Nuclear technology is created for self-defense. Nuclear bomb in Japan during World War II, it was used to revenge on Japan's sudden raid. Nuclear technology was created not because to destroy Man's way of life,but is to protect us,if is not the Nuclear bomb,Singapore may have been taken over by the Japanese. Like you said,it was an accident,no one wants it,no one plans it. Accident may happens. Nuclear power plants,is just to supply electricity to citizens,it is saving the world . Hence,I disagree with your statement.

0 points

I agree with the statement.

Point:Technology is sure a great invention for Human beings,it so convenience and also

make our life simpler. Technology in nowadays life is the most common item . Handphones,the most common seen,almost everyone in the human race has one. Technology was created is just to make our life simpler,improve our ways of life,or else,we would still be using wooden carts to transport things around. Even the world's safest transport , Aeroplane , is also a technology. Military weapons are also another example , such as mini robots spying for ambush,protecting us,pure and innocent citizen,making Singapore a safe place. Hence,I believe that Technology is more of a boon than a bane to society.

1 point

Main point:Technology is a boon to society. Technology is such a common tool in everybody's life,such as handphones,computers,even television. Technology not only bring convenient to others,but also make people's life simpler. Technology in nowadays life is getting advanced,all because of one reason,improve our ways of life. Without phones,we can't communicate with others easily,we would be using LARGE-SIZE phones. Technology also brought everyone closer,like computers,allowing people to communicate with each other,even living faraway from his/her friends. Without technology,this world would be like living in a cave !

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