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RSS Micmacmoc

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Technology has been the cause for killing the cause of births that have now never happened, and has therefore killed billions indirectly already

1 point

Bombs can also be used to take millions and millions of lives.

In World War Two, 50000000 people died, that's 50 million dead people. Not all of them were soldiers - many were innocent people who had no quarrel with some of the world leaders at the time who had managed to be involved in a war. Yet they died. Is this fair? No. Therefore technology is an evil force.

It cannot be denied that some good things have come from technology, but does the amount of entertainment and burgers mean that the amount of those who have died from technology is irrelevant? Does it mean that those who have died can be forgotten? No.

Yet they are forgotten. 50 million people died in the war, most of them have not left a legacy on the planet, and because of technology they will not be remembered.

1 point

"I can't think of any disadvantages though"

Really? Do you know nothing? Just look through wars in history and you will see that technology has taken millions and millions of lives. Some bad things about technology:

1) Bombs

I don't know how many millions of lives have been claimed by bombs, but I am sure that the number is astonishingly huge, and it is a number that may make people cringe.

2) Guns

Millions of lives have been taken by guns, too. Guns and bombs were made to kill - and there is little more purpose to them than that. Is taking lives ever a good thing? Can you defend the loss of human life for the sake of wanting to text a smiley face to someone?

3) Bad drugs

Many bad drugs may have started with the intention of being good, but the fact is that just in America, 100 people die from drug overdoses every day. These may even be originally good drugs with the intention of being used for good things, but sometimes that is not the case. I don't know how many people die worldwide from drugs but for 100 to die every day in one country has to be something.

4) Bagpipes

Yes, they're just annoying.

5) Social Networking sites

Nine of ten teenagers have witnessed bullying on social networking sites such as Facebook and there are all sorts of negative things that surrounds them. Privacy isn't an easy thing to acquire on all of these sites and many people suffer because of that.

Have a quick scan of the link below to see some terrible stories that derive because of Facebook. Are any of them good?


A number of these examples have taken millions of lives themselves, and combined they form something terrible. To say that they're okay, though, is ridiculous. To say that we can bomb and take lives for the sake of a "good projector, laptop" is ridiculous.

Supporting Evidence: Ten Terrible Facebook Stories (
1 point

"Mankind have made things that can kill us through technology"

So you are aware that many technological advances have lead to the death of many? Good.

However, you went on to say that:

"Technology also help us various ways such as: Food, Drinks, Entertainment"

This implies that you are suggesting that these more trivial things outweigh life? Correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds as though you are telling me that life isn't as important as some of these things? You would sacrifice thousands of lives (which has been done, and is what you are defending) for the sake of these things?

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"I am patriotic because Britain is the best country in the world."

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Name: Jamie 
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Marital Status: Single
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Country: United Kingdom
Religion: Catholic

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